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What to Binge Watch on Netflix in 2017

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The Best Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Shows to Catch Up On in 2017

If you have a few hours to binge watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, then we’ve got a few suggestions for you. There’s some appeal to scrolling endlessly through the list, we aren’t going to deny that by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s definitely some appeal to knowing exactly what you want to watch and having a list, well, that’s even better. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best shows on Netflix that you need to binge watch in 2017.


What to Watch on Netflix

Stranger Things

You’ve heard all of your friends talking about this one and they’re absolutely right. It’s a retro show with a paranormal twist that you won’t see coming, unless your friends have already spoiled it for you. You’ll also get to see where that cool Christmas light trend came from, and that makes it all worth it. This is one show that’s going to open the floodgates to childhood memories and you don’t want to miss it.


Orange is the New Black

This is a great in-depth look at women’s prisons and features and all start class which includes Taylor Schilling, Laverne Cox, and Kate Mulgrew (You know her from Star Trek: Voyager). While it focuses almost exclusively on the conditions inside women’s prisons, it has a side story about transgender rights and the extreme struggle that many trans women face, both inside and outside of prison walls. We found it worth watching for that story alone.


Jessica Jones

If you’re tired of male dominated Marvel shows this one is for you. Jessica Jones is the super powered heroine facing Kilgrave, the nastiest supervillain the marvel universe has ever seen, and mostly because he can control anyone through simple voice commands. The best part? Kilgrave is played by David Tenant, the eleventh Doctor, so you’re going to get to see him in a rather nasty role, which is kind of refreshing.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The premise alone is enough to interest us. Basically, Kimmy was trapped in a Doomsday cult for most of her life and was convinced that the world had come to an end. Upon finding out that the world was in fact alive and well, she emerged into a brand new life and is forced to adjust, but her positive attitude will carry her through while making for some hilarious situations.




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