The Beyond Meat Burger is HERE!

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Celebrate because now this tasty, plant-based Beyond Meat burger is easier to find!

Earlier last year we told you about an incredible plant-based burger that rivals its meat-based counterpart, the Beyond Meat Burger. Unlike other veggie burgers, this burger actually looks, tastes, and smells like real meat!  And now, it is even easier to find!


That’s right, since the New Year, the Beyond Meat Burger is also available at your local Whole Foods store if you live in the Pacific Northwest and Northeast!  So now you can have that tender, juicy and mouth-watering burger when you want it!  And they are planning more regions to come in the near future!


Whole Foods Beyond Meat beast burger vegan meat meat-less


Check out this list of stores in your area that carry the Beyond Burger!

Their official website has great recipes and other amazing plant-based eats.

Beyond Meat beast burger vegan meat meat-less

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