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The Best Staycation Ideas; Travel Nowhere

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Travel nowhere and have the best vacation ever!

Vacation is finally here and many of us will travel to different parts of our home state, country, or even travel abroad. But, perhaps your circumstances don’t allow you to leave home this time – or you just don’t want to. Well the good news is that you will be saving on the cost of hotels, transport, adventure, and airfare. Fret not! You can have an awesome staycation!

A staycation is when you stay at home, in your house or close by, during your time off. But this doesn’t mean it should be boring or the same old lame thing. By contrast, you can plan your staycation in the same way you would plan a vacation away from home!

Movie Night

Why not plan a fun movie night with your friends and family? Pick films you haven’t seen yet or want to share with others. Don’t binge watch TV shows; that is just a regular lazy weekend move right there. Make theater snacks such as popcorn, veggie dogs, and nachos. Oh, and don’t forget the candy!

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