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The Best Places to Print Your Memories

What good are those pictures if they’re just going to sit on your computer? In an age where convenience in technology has far surpassed the inconvenience of printing pictures, it’s a shock that people don’t do it that often. We rely heavily on our computers, external hard drives, phones and “clouds” to maintain all of our treasured pictures, and we forget about printing them all together. If we really treasure those prized images, shouldn’t we do a better job of displaying them in our homes? We’re here to help with that, by providing you a list of the best places to print your memories! – the Budget Option

On a budget? Look no further than At Mpix, you upload your digital images, and can select from any number of prints and products to be ordered and delivered right to your doorstep. They ensure that any cropping is done the way you want it, and the print quality of mpix rivals some of their more expensive competitors.

Mpix is truly the best quality for the price, with prints starting at just 19 cents a print. Don’t forget to search coupons, as well… web sites like RetailMeNot almost always have coupons you can apply to your order to save a few more dollars.


Artifact Uprising

Looking for a trendier option that’s essentially a “middle of the road” price point? You’ve probably seen them advertising on your Instagram feed with some gorgeous photos… Artifact Uprising is a printing option created by photographers, for photographers. What does this mean? Elevated quality, thoughtful design, and responsibly sourced materials like reclaimed products and recycled papers.

One last thing to note – Artifact Uprising doesn’t have traditional prints like you would find at Mpix; rather, their prints are unique and designed for aesthetic appeal. Most prints come in sets – and start at $22 for a set of 25 bordered 5×5 prints with a matte finish. Not completely satisfied with your order? They stand by a product guarantee that says if you’re not 100 percent happy with the order, they’ll make it right.


White House Custom Color

If you’re interested in a high end option for those beautiful fine art film portraits you had taken at your wedding, White House Custom Colour is the choice for you (or more accurately, your photographer). This option is for those with larger pocketbooks who truly care about having the very best in quality.

Their pricing is noted, not as cheap, but fair; a standard 4×6 print starts at 73 cents, and increases based on quality. Prints delivered to your door will be completely true to color, and cropped accurately. WHCC is a vendor for photographers, specifically, so be prepared to go through them.

Finally, we have one request, and one request only: if you need images printed, do not rely on a superstore who delivers subpar, glossy prints. Nothing could be further from the true image in terms of color and composition. Check out one of our recommended printers, and you’ll definitely see the difference!


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