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Here Are the Best NUDE Beaches In the World!

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Are you ready to go on a sexy getaway this season?

Summer’s here and in many places temperatures have already reached triple digits. But by now you’ve probably already been to the pool, lake, and beach. Why not try something a little, how do we say, “different” this season? After all, aren’t you and your partner or BFFs ready for a liberating weekend getaway? Why not visit a nude beach this summer? Here are some of the best nude beaches around the world that are just waiting for you to be cheeky at! Oh, just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Black’s Beach, San Diego

If you live anywhere in Southern California you’ve probably heard of Black’s Beach. Why? It is known as San Diego’s nude beach even though nude sunbathing is illegal in the county. However, Black’s Beach is secluded and somewhat difficult to get to. The beach is picturesque and if you can endure the hike, it is definitely worth it!

Blacks Beach, San Diego, California, USA


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