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The Best Fashion Moments from 2018 Oscar Nominated Films

This year’s Oscar celebrated films have also given us iconic
moments. Here is a list of the Oscar nominated films for Best Costume Design and some honorable mentions about the unforgettable outfits and looks from the other films nominated in the main category.

Belle’s yellow dress in “Beauty and the Beast”

Beauty and The Best –
Photo by Laurie Sparham Р¬© 2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran is a staple in this category. She won the Oscar for “Anna Karenina”, has a total of six nominations, and it’s a double nominee this year thanks to her work in “The Darkest Hour”. In “Beauty and the Beast“, Durran had to the difficult task of paying homage to the animated classic while trying to reflect the period costumes in which the film is set. More than 500 costumes had to be created, including Bella’s famous yellow dress, which was the most laborious design for Durran. (Her team ran an infinite number of tests to find the perfect color.) The costume designer was always clear that both this dress and Bella’s entire wardrobe should convey lightness and reflect the free spirit of the character played by Emma Watson.

Elisa’s shoes in “The Shape of the Water”

The Shape of Water – Courtesy Focus Features

Luis Sequeira received his first Oscar nomination this year thanks to his first film with Guillermo del Toro. For Sequeira, the key to his work was to find the balance between that magical and the grim realism of the Cold War. An important element of the costume is the pair of shoes worn by Elisa, played by Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins, which concentrate the essence of the character and symbolizes her desire to leave the oppressive environment that surrounds her.

The gowns in “Phantom Thread”

Phantom Thread – Courtesy Focus Features

Given that Phantom Thread is set in the world of fashion, the costumes were a fundamental element for the film. Bridges studied the work of 50s fashion designers (including Crist‚àö‚â•bal Balenciaga) and looked for fabrics from that decade in London, Italy, and the U.S. But his work was not only to replicate the fashion of the time, but also to work on the dresses created by the protagonist Reynolds Woodcock, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, that managed to reflect the particular style of the fictional designer.

The colors for a Queen in “Victoria & Abdul”

Victoria & Abdul – Courtesy Focus Features

This is the third nomination for Consolata Boyle; her previous ones were for her work on “The Queen” in 2007 and last year’s “Florence Foster Jenkins”. Boyle recreated the iconic era within a very limited budget and a very short period of time to develop her work (barely 10 weeks). The costume designer began by thoroughly documenting the period through photographs and the monarch’s diary. The most interesting thing about Boyle’s work in this film is her use of color to symbolize the mood of the queen. At the beginning, the predominant color is black. As the film progresses, the relationship with Abdul brings light and colors to her life; and in the final section, she returns to a darker wardrobe.

Honorable Mentions

Lady Bird‘s lovely prom dresses, Meryl Streep’s golden caftan in “The Post”, the 80s outfits worn by the lovers in “Call Me By Your Name”, the beautiful knitwear from “Dunkirk” and Bradley Whitford’s impeccable and also eerie suits from “Get Out”. It was a great year for fashion. Which movie was your favorite?



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