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The Best Ethical Brands for Swimsuits

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Shopping ethically means purchasing from sustainable sources, even down to your swimsuits! Commercial swimsuits are typically made from petroleum-derived synthetic fabrics that repel water. Not only are these production methods bad for the environment, but many retailers don’t pay a fair wage to the employees that make these swimsuits. Of course, the most sustainable practice would be to simply wear the swimsuits you already have. But if you’re in need of a new suit, there’s no need to sacrifice style to purchase sustainable, ethical swimwear. Read on for our picks for the best swimsuits from ethical brands!



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Maaji swimsuits are made sweatshop-free in Colombia. They have beautiful prints and many of their suits are reversible .Æ so it’s kind of like getting two suits in one!

Psst…in case you missed it, the VIVA GLAM Swimwear Award 2017 went to Maaji!


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