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The Best Day Bags for Actors and Models

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What are the most functional, yet stylish bags for the working actor and model?


I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve spotted “newbies” on the studio lot just based on two items that they carry –  their handbag and their shoes.  This might sound a bit odd considering most people couldn’t tell if someone was a new actress or model merely from an accessory.  However, having been in the business for 24 years, I know these are two accessories that end up being tailored to helping you through your daily routine of go-sees and auditions.


If an actress is walking the studio lot in huge heels, limping and carrying a small clutch, chances are she is new. Why? Because most actresses know if you are coming to the studio lot, it requires a lot of walking.  Chances are you will have a drive on pass, but the lot is large.  And you might have to walk from one side of the studio to the other.  Or you will have to park on the street and walk in which is even a longer stretch to get to your final destination, the casting office.


If an actress is seasoned, she will have a larger bag with a zippered main compartment. In it, she will have her sides or script, headshot and resume (Although most casting houses are now making the attempt to go green, so this is required less and less.), cosmetics and hair products for a quick touch up and a pair of comfortable flats such as ballet slippers.


This bag needs to also be large enough to hold her heels as she will be carrying them until she reaches the casting office.  She might also need extra room for a sweater or mini-umbrella as walking on the lot might be done in inclement weather such as rain or cold.


So, what are the best bags for actors and models?  Here is a list of the ideal “go to” bags that will make your daily life as an actor or model much easier while still being fashionable and stylish!


Gunas Kangaroo Saffiano

This vegan tote bag is simple, yet chic.  It is also spacious and elegant and will hold all of your acting and modeling essentials!


Best Day Bags vegan handbag GUNAS KANGAROO SAFFIANO





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