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Top 15 Cruelty-Free Makeup Awards

The European Union has banned the sale of any cosmetics (or ingredients) that have been tested on animals. We aren’t as fortunate yet, and so when shopping for cosmetics we have to say, finding the right cruelty-free brands can present a bit of a challenge, and most of the time cruelty-free cosmetics are not something that you’re going to be finding at your local drugstore. We understand. You want to be compassionate and thoughtful, but you also want to look good.


It used to be that beauty and glamorous makeup couldn’t be cruelty-free or all natural and still maintain wonderful pigment. Those are the days of the past and there are certainly brands out there that you can actually trust.


We’ve been seeking out and using cruelty-free products for years. There are many that claim to be cruelty-free, but may actually still contain one or more ingredients that were in fact tested on animals prior to arriving at their facilities.


These cosmetic brands deserve accolades, and so we are shouting out some major props to them for leading the conscious and compassionate consumer movement, and therefore, winning our hearts. Staying true to oneself and taking risk in business is never an easy thing to do. Some of these companies have been doing it since before it was a movement, and others are just entering the scene … with a solid bang.


Note: None of these brands have paid any monies to be on this list.

These are genuinely the Editor-in-Chief of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE’s top picks.



#15. Too Faced + Kat Von D. ‘Better Together’

This is a collaboration right out of a fairy tale, in our honest opinion. Kat Von D and Too Faced working together? They created an amazing but limited collection, and they compliment each other perfectly while sticking to the values that we know and love.


cruelty free cosmetics better together Kat & Jerod


cruelty free cosmetics better together eye and lip collection


cruelty free cosmetics better together eye and lip collection inside


This collab is available at: Kat Von D Beauty, Too Faced, & Sephora



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