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BERANDI – a vital skincare without borders

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Born in Europe, Marina Berandi was raised with a classic sense of aesthetics. “Beauty begins within, from the moment you accept yourself,” Berandi said. “Each woman is unique and has her own magnificence.” The first clay she used to mold human form was herself, as a gymnast, aerialist, model, even sky diver as she shaped herself into an athletic beauty. “I became fascinated by the connection between a good diet and health, which a woman needs to be truly lovely,” Berandi said. After earning a degree in economics. Berandi became an entrepreneur, but craved more. Immersing herself in China for five years, she developed into a master of Qigong, Chinese Yoga, teaching popular classes in this timeless tradition. “Qigong introduced me to relaxed power understanding the entire human body as a reflection of our most powerful force – our energy,” Berandi said.

Berandi was struck at how much younger Asian women looked compared to Occidentals. She learned about skin care formulations not used in the West, based on traditional Chinese Medicine. “In China I found resourceful solutions, solving problems in simple but inspired ways,” said Berandi. The herbs, roots, fruits and other natural ingredients she uses in her skin care line give rise to skin health at a very deep level. The glow of wellness shines through as beauty. Today, Berandi Skincare draws on these centuries old Asian skin secrets in advanced formulas, validated by 21st century science, produced with American quality control. Since fitness complements beauty, Berandi has launched a leisure clothing line for women to look their best when they move. From going shopping to doing yoga, women wearing the Berandi Brand appreciate its sophisticated, figure-flattering quality. “My personal vision is to create timeless beauty. Fashion for me is elegance, having sense of yourself and what you believe in. Basking with inner peace and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That’s what women should feel,” Berandi said. Sculpting grew from her fascination with human shape, line and form. Her exquisite renderings unveil the best in her subjects. “The body is more expressive and magnificent than most of us realize,” Berandi said.

Berandi’s exclusive products are the ultimate expression of the Berandi lifestyle where beauty radiates from within. The mind and spirit should shape how women feel and look, not an obsessive quest for perfection. “My vision of beauty is a natural and healthy way of being,” Berandi said.


Marina Berandi

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