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Ben & Jerry’s NEW Vegan Frozen Dessert Line is Spoon Lickin’ Good!

As children, we all remember playing outside on warm summer afternoons. When the ice cream truck slowly made its way through the neighborhood, we came running down the street to get a cool and tasty treat.

As vegans, it can be harder to find that tasty treat. But now Ben & Jerry’s has new 100% vegan-certified non-dairy frozen desserts! That’s right, Ben & Jerry’s has created a creamy and sweet treat that will remind you of childhood, except without dairy, eggs, or honey!

How did they make it taste as sweet and delicious as traditional ice cream? After testing vegan options like coconut, soy, cashew, rice, hemp, and others, they decided upon almond milk for the base. Then, they found a non-dairy chocolate that was also taste-approved.
In fact, all of the ingredients in Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy line are certified 100% vegan and taste-approved.

Try a pint of Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coffee Caramel Fudge, or P.B. & Cookies! Mmmm, we can’t wait to lick the spoon!

To find a Ben & Jerry’s retailer near you, visit their official website.



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