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Bella Hadid Sneak Peeks the Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show

Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at next week’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 with Bella Hadid!

Each year Victoria’s Secret hosts their annual fashion show that is an entertainment extravaganza of music, fashion and supermodels. This year, the highly anticipated event will take place in Shanghai, China and will be broadcast next week on Tuesday, November 28th.  Until then, the Victoria’s Secret supermodels shared snaps of their time in glamorous Shanghai preparing for the event.


One of the models sharing on social media is model-of-the-moment, Bella Hadid.  She posted a pic of her at rehearsal and said, “Rehearsal. Feeling so grateful. The energy of the girls, the team, backstage / front stage, the incredible fans were so beautifully intense and motivating. I can’t wait for tomorrow. All of my girls completely rocked it today & it makes me smile thinking about how hard every single person- models, stylists, look designers, the lights, the music, backstage, front stage, etc. worked to prepare-so many months in advance-such a huge, almost unbelievable production…and now it’s finally happening! Thank you to everyone involved for putting in blood sweat and tears.  This show is going to be (emoji with hearts for eyes).”


You might have also heard earlier this week that Bella’s sister, Gigi, was supposed to walk in the show.  However, this year Gigi said on Twitter, “won’t be able to make it to China this year.”  And although she didn’t say exactly why she wasn’t able to come to China, many believe it was because of an incident earlier in the year.  Gigi was accused of being racist as she made her eyes look Asian by pulling the skin around them to imitate a Buddha cookie. Many say that the Chinese people were outraged and don’t want her to walk the show in Shanghai.


However, we are happy that her sister, Bella, is walking the show and are so excited to see it when it broadcasts next week!



The Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show 2017 Behind-the-Scenes!



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