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Behind the Scenes of ‘Younger’: Interviews with Miriam Shor and Costume Designer Jacqueline Demeterio

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Youth culture can be found everywhere in Hollywood. Fashion models are in their teens. TV wives are rarely less than 10 years younger than their TV husbands. And every girl on Instagram trying to become a blogger is using FaceTune and getting lip fillers to fit in. In the real world, women have to work twice as hard as men just to get their measly 70 cents to the dollar that men get and only 40% of women return to full-time jobs after giving birth because it’s so hard to re-enter the working world. That is why Younger is such a relevant show in 2018. It addresses these issues while enveloping it in a smart, sexy, and romantic show.

Younger tells the story of Liza (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old woman who has trouble re-entering the publishing industry and decides to lie about her age to get hired. Surrounded by her Millennial girlboss associate Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff), her fashionable and powerful boss Diana Trout (Miriam Shor), her artist best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar), and the PR superstar Lauren Heller (Molly Bernard), it’s a feel-good show about how they all navigate their personal and professional relationships around the secret of her age.

Younger is impeccably styled by Costume Designer Jacqueline Demeterio. We talked to both Demeterio and actress Miriam Shor about the evolution of fashion over the last five seasons and how they portray vulnerability and confidence through wardrobe during romantic storylines.

Q&A with Costume Designer Jacqueline Demeterio

Over the last season, in particular, Liza has had to confess her age to Kelsey and Charles.The only people who are still unaware are Diana and Lauren. How has her wardrobe changed as her secret has started to unfold?

It’s changed and evolved with the storyline of every season. This season, it’s come full circle. When we started the pilot, she was trying too hard, almost like she was wearing a costume. There was a lot of different elements and there was a lot of layering. As things started to unfold, her wardrobe has stripped down. Now, it’s come to the point where her wardrobe makes sense. Her style has become more classic and simple because that’s how she’s feeling emotionally. She’s come full-circle with Charles and she’s flirtier, sexier, and has more confidence. For work, she will always still have an element of an on-trend piece when she’s around Diana or Lauren.

Sutton Foster as LIZA in Season 3 of “Younger”

Liza went from dating a rebel 20-something (Josh, played by Nico Tortella) to an established 40-something businessman (Charles played by Peter Hermann). How did you design her wardrobe around her new romantic relationship as she transitioned from Josh to Charles?

When she was with Josh, he found out her age; but early on, she was tying plaid shirts around her waist and giving off a younger vibe with more layering. I remember I used a variety of jackets, beanies, and gloves. Josh is a tattoo artist in Williamsburg so she was more hipster and often wore motorcycle boots. Now with Charles, she’s more refined and leans towards more classic dressing.

Sutton Foster in Season 1 of “Younger” when LIZA was dating JOSH

Liza and Charles finally got together a few episodes back. How will her wardrobe change? Will she and Charles start to be of the same color palettes? Will she wear more mature silhouettes? Will she aim for a sexier wardrobe?

In that episode, that dress he unzipped was a really beautiful dress. It was a silk, sleeveless, and backless high-neck dress, definitely not a mini-dress. It was feminine, beautiful, and very flirtatious. I definitely have pushed her more into the sexier dresses, no longer tight and short. Hemlines have gotten longer with more movement. It’s more mature and she feels much more confident. Sutton [herself] is more confident in those silhouettes.

Sutton Foster as LIZA and Peter Hermann as CHARLES in Season 5 of “Younger”

Kelsey – the powerhouse, driven, badass Millennial – is a force to be reckoned with but is still a beautifully-dressed professional. How do you dress Kelsey so she looks both professional and on-trend?

Kelsey is another character that’s evolved every season. She’s come into her own with her Millennial imprint and is a girlboss. She is one to look up to and admire. I’ve veered her into some powersuiting, but they were fashionable, designer powersuits. It’s all about her silhouette, tailoring everything to her body type. You always notice her, but she’s also noticed for her profession. She’s definitely all about business but is still playful with her clothing choices.

Hilary Duff as KELSEY in Season 5 of “Younger”


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