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Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot with Supermodel Joanna Krupa

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Joanna’s editorial was shot in sunny Calabasas, CA.
The VIVA GLAM Dream Team included Editor-in-Chief and art director Katarina Van Derham, photographer Deja Jordan, publicist Oscar Rivera, hairstylist Angelica Curiel, stylist Holley Wolfe, videographer Jan Becker and myself.
We all piled into a 20 foot RV and headed out to the location that was approximately 25 miles from Los Angeles.

Angelica Curiel

Joanna is an animal rights activist and very involved with PETA.
So, we brought with us lovely vegan food created by Floured Up Baking!
Goodies prepared by them included Greek dolmas, Madelines, delicious chocolate covered strawberries, a quinoa and cucumber salad, assorted filo pastries and a kale and tomato salad.

Floured Up Baking

Joanna’s shoot was 1970’s inspired and included a rattan peacock chair that she posed in the middle of a field.
Finding this specific type of chair proved more difficult than we thought!
But luckily, we searched the Greater Los Angeles area for this specific type of chair and found just one south of the city!

Candace Kita

With soft, feminine makeup and added clip-in hair extensions from Cashmere Hair, Joanna looked every bit the supermodel she is known to be.
We shot in several locations, some of them woodsy, in open fields and hillside.
And even an inquiry by a few inquisitive park rangers didn’t stop us!
With our large RV, Joanna’s R8 V10 Audi and Oscar wearing a navy and orange suit in the middle of the wilderness did attract a bit of attention.
I’m certain many onlookers were wondering what we were doing, but we tried to keep as inconspicuous as possible!

Angelica Curiel

The day seemed to fly by. And at the end, we knew we had captured something special.
Joanna left to go to dinner with friends as she was leaving for Poland soon. Oscar had a meeting in Bel Air.
The rest of us piled into the RV and ate most of the remaining vegan delights on the way home!
We deserved it!
After all, it was a good day’s work in sunny Calabasas with Joanna and the VIVA GLAM Dream Team!

Joanna Krupa



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