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Be Stylish, Chic and Support The Cure in ABonita Scarves

Recently, I heard a story about one woman’s fight against breast cancer and how she turned her most trying time into an opportunity to help others. Bonita Halley was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer. Bonita went through extensive chemotherapy and lost her hair as a result. This was a blow to her self-esteem as she had always been a very active woman with a flair for fashion.

However, when life gives you lemons, you made lemonade. Bonita designed ABonita Scarves. ABonita Scarves are a stylish way to help women cope with hair loss resulting from chemotherapy and other illnesses such as Alopecia and Lupus, while remaining beautiful, feminine and chic. The ABonita Scarf is designed to be worn 4 different ways and has an adjustable headband that conveniently snaps rather than ties. 

ABonita Scarves come in 16 unique prints and are washable as they are made of 100% cotton. These are so stylish that I wear them myself. The adjustable snaps make it so easy to wear and will fit any head size. And best of all, ABonita Scarves donates 5% of all internet sales to the American Breast Cancer Society ( in the month of October.

So check out all of Bonita’s beautiful scarves at:

And to meet the designer and see how to tie her scarf 4 ways, check out this You Tube video:


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