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Bands We Wish Weren’t Just One-Hit Wonders

One-hit wonders… some of them we remember fondly, and some of them we regret ever hearing; either way, for the most part, they will forever be stuck in our heads. If you really stop to consider the ranks of One-hit wonders… aren’t there a handful you would’ve loved to have heard more from? If you’re anything like us, the following one-hit wonders (and their hits) will forever live on in our hearts and souls as music to be treasured. Here are a few of the bands we wish weren’t just one-hit wonders.


Chris Isaak (Wicked Game)

Maybe it was that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel couldn’t quite get it together when we heard it for the first time, and maybe that’s what makes this dreamy song such a hit in our book. Isaak knocked it out of the park completely with “Wicked Game”, and it’s a shame we didn’t hear more from his mellow yet melodic voice.

*His track “Dancin” was the first music video that featured on MTV


one-hit wonders Chris Isaak Wicked Game video



Mr. Big (To Be With You)

Don’t you remember singing along with your buddies, arms around each other, smiling at each other as if the song weren’t a love-sick plea for a girl to notice him… “I’m the one who wants to be with you… deep inside I hope you’ll feel it too”. Mr. Big had a way of inspiring confidence in us with their lyrics, we just hate that feeling disappeared when the hit did.


one-hit wonders Mr. Big to be with you



House of Pain (Jump Around)

You’ve heard it in just about every 90’s movie party scene out there today, and whenever “Jump Around” comes on, you can’t just sit there. House of Pain was the band who made people move with their hit song, regardless of who they were, what music they listened to, what color they were, or whether they even wanted to. With skills like that… it’s a shame we never got a chance to move to more of their songs.


one-hit wonders House of Pain



Deep Blue Something (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

They’re a band who used whatever reference they could manage to find something in common with the girl of their dreams, and maybe that’s why “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was such a hit. Either way, any guy who can get on a girl’s level with old Hepburn films in an effort to get to know her? A real winner in our book.


one-hit wonders Deep Blue Something



Ben Folds Five (Brick)

If you want to talk about talent, try talking about Ben Folds Five, one of the most talented bands of the 90’s. Their artistic and thoughtful, sometimes dark lyrics accompanied by some of the most beautiful piano you’ll ever hear is what landed “Brick” on the charts. Despite the fact that the song is about a girl in a tough situation with a pregnancy, the song sounds hopeful. Ben Folds Five may have been a one-hit wonder, but they’ll live on in our hearts as one of the most talented bands of the 90s.


one-hit wonders Ben Folds



Marcy Playground (Sex and Candy)

Any band that can make a sultry song about sex and candy has our attention, that’s for sure. The dark, mellow tones in “Sex and Candy” had us singing along and wondering what else Marcy Playground might have up their sleeves. Unfortunately for us, “Sex and Candy” was about all they smelled in terms of hit songs.



one-hit wonders Marcy Playground Sex and Candy


Do we have you searching your Spotify or iTunes for these bands yet? Get on it! Remember, just because they were one-hit wonders doesn’t mean they don’t have more out there for dedicated fans like you!



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