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Bald and Buzzed Are Beautiful!

What’s the latest celebrity hair trend? Going bald!

The latest celebrity hair trend is one that might surprise you! In fact, this hair trend involves practically no hair at all! That’s right, actresses are shaving off their glorious locks and going bald!

Forget about hair extensions because Hollywood actresses are shaving it all off to reveal their refined features, high cheekbones, and sexy eyes! In fact, it seems that the balder you are, the better! Buzz cuts are buzzing right now and many are bleaching or coloring their barely there hair in an array of colors too!

However, this look isn’t for everyone. It helps to have an angular face and well-defined features. If you have a roundish shaped face, this might not be the ideal look for you.

Kristen Stewart cropped her hair and then bleached it super blonde for this futuristic and modern look! She is someone who can really pull off the no hair look because she has cheekbones to slice bread on!

kristin stewart bald

Charlize Theron showed us how to rock the no hair look in “Mad Max: Fury Road”. In fact, she said, “I highly recommend it. I think every woman should do it.” Indeed, she made bald and barely surviving in the desert chic and stylish!

charlize theron bald

You could barely recognize Kate Hudson as she filmed “Sisters” minus her trademark blonde tresses!

kate hudson bald

British supermodel turned actress Cara Delevigne, shaved it all off for her role as a cancer patient in “Life in a Year” that will be released next year!

cara delevigne bald

Actress Karen Gillan went bald for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 when she played sexy villain Nebula!

karen gillian bald

Even Cate Blanchett took it all off for the thriller Heaven!

cate blanchette bald

And Natalie Portman wasn’t afraid to shave for her role in “V for Vendetta”! She did, and she still looks absolutely gorgeous!

natalie portman bald



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