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Are You Ready for the Newest Body Trend? The Un-Breast Job

Until recently, the most desired plastic surgery in Hollywood has been breast implants. But recently, there has been a new trend, the “explant” procedure, as nearly 24,000 women chose to remove their breast implants in 2015.


Celebrities that have chosen to remove their implants include Glee’s Heather Morris, Heidi Montag, Pamela Anderson, Sharon Osbourne and Stevie Nicks. Reasons for removing implants included making working out extremely uncomfortable, neck and back issues, implant leakage, fatigue and lethargy. Also, many women thought they looked both thinner and younger without heavy implants. Sharon Osbourne also complained about the heaviness on her chest. She said when they were removed, she felt as if a weight was literally lifted off her chest.

A more natural look is on the horizon with real breasts making a comeback. What do YOU think? Do you think breast augmentation will continue to be popular or do you think the over-inflated breast is passé?


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