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Animal bones, tissues and organs in marshmallows?

Earlier this week, VIVA GLAM praised Guinness Beer for no longer using Isinglass, a gelatin derived from fish bladders, in the production of their beverages. But did you know that there are several other food products that you might not know are not vegan or vegetarian friendly? That’s right, here are a few misleading food products that you don’t know have animal products in them.


Red 4 is what gives grapefruit juice, caramel, cinnamon, candies, red velvet cake and some yogurt its bright red color. But did you know red 4 is made from crushed insects? Yes, you heard right. This ingredient is often found at the bottom of the ingredient list, but this food coloring is FDA approved for use in food products.


Sugar also has a secret animal ingredient. Bone char from cattle is used during the filtration process when sugar is whitened and refined. Most sugar is not vegan approved, but if you purchase organic sugar, it does not use the bone charring process. So purchase organic sugar to ensure it is vegan friendly.


Marshmallows also contain hidden animal ingredients even though most people assume they are an animal free product. What makes them fluffy? A derivative of animal bones, tissues and organs are used to create gelatin. Gelatin is typically found in Jello and gummy bears. But gelatin is also found in other foods that you wouldn’t typically think such as marshmallows, American cheese, cereal and even Pop Tarts!


So be certain to read the labels on your food choices even though you think they are vegan and vegetarian friendly.


Happy eating everyone!


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