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The Angel’s Bodies Don’t Reflect the Curvy, Fuller Figure Trend

The Recent Social Media Trend of the Curvy, Fuller Figure Was Not Seen in this Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show  





Coco Austin, Amber Rose, and Chyna Blac, you’d better watch out! Because from what we are watching on the runway right now at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, lithe bodies with abs are in!


That’s right, abs, slender bodies still with breasts and hips are a hit on the Victoria’s Secret runway this year.  Which proves that Victoria’s Secret has always set their standard of beauty apart from current social media trends.  While others are following the likes of Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Hendricks, Victoria’s Secret is holding true to their very specific look.  From early on, supermodels who set the bar for this brand like Gisele Bundchen, to new comers such as Josephine Skriver and Zuri Tibby, Victoria’s Secret is featuring models with long legs, torsos, limbs and lithe mid sections.


Also, another noted trend is natural breasts or if breasts have been augmented, it is difficult to detect.  This look is young, gamine, and all about fashion.  It is sex appeal that is not trying too hard. It is effortless because these young women are at the peak of their beauty.  So they naturally are exceptional to look at. After all, it doesn’t take much to make Maria Borges or Leomie Anderson gorgeous!


This is the look that has made Victoria’s Secret the cultural icon it is.  And although body trends may come and go, the Victoria’s Secret Angel will always reign supreme!

Positive Body Vibes While Watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show




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