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Introducing “American Crime” Star Angelique Rivera

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In its first season, American Crime
made a big impression with its major Emmy win for Regina King. As each season revolves around a new case, we will be introduced to new faces in season two, such as newcomer Angelique Rivera, and she is as new as they come. This is Rivera’s first major acting role out of college and she gets the opportunity to act alongside of Regina King and Felicity Huffman.

Season two starts on January 6th at 10pm, as American Crime takes on a new time slot. Check out this gorgeous new star perform the role of Evy, the only witness to this season’s crime. Learn more below about how she prepared for her role and about Angelique herself!


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Q&A with Angelique Rivera


Thousands of men and women audition for years before they have a chance of a big break. You managed to do it in months. How much of a shock and a lifestyle change was it for you when you landed the role of Evy?

It was a complete shock and very surreal. I moved to Los Angeles with a 10-year plan in mind, so to have an opportunity like this within six months of moving here was just insane. I couldn’t even have predicted it. I went from having four serving/catering jobs (busting my butt to try and make rent and invest into my career) to being a series regular on an Emmy-winning TV show- and working with the best of the best. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be a part of this production. It’s a dream come true.


What can you tell us about your role? How did you prepare for it? What personality traits or morals do you and Evy have in common?

Evy is in a relationship with Taylor Blaine, who is the victim of the central crime this season. She’s fiercely loyal to the people that she loves and she’s extremely independent and strong for her age [as well as] very family-oriented. She’s had to grow up really fast because of her circumstances at home and with her family. She’s also very much a guy’s girl, very tomboyish. Some of the things I did to prepare for this role were physical, like choosing to grow out my eyebrows, not wear makeup in my normal day-to-day life, and not dress cute all the time, like I usually try to do. I also created a journal for Evy, which helped me craft her inner life and backstory. In addition, I volunteered at a learning center for students that come from low-income families, which ironically turned out to be in the apartment complex that was used for the exterior shots of the Blaine apartment. I learned a lot about Evy by immersing myself in that environment. Evy’s strength and having to grow up quickly due to her circumstances at home is something we have in common. I’m also very independent like Evy and we both share the importance of family and loyalty.


You are acting alongside award-winning actresses. What have you learned by being on set with these impressive women?

I work closely with Lili Taylor, who is someone I’ve looked up to for a long time. She’s a pro and she knew this was my first job so she gave me a lot of advice. Seeing how she handles herself on set taught me a lot too. She’s focused and in it the whole time not just when the camera is rolling. I stole that from her and it made it easier for me to stay in character and not get distracted by all the other things happening on set.


What is your favorite part about working on this show?

I’ve learned [so much] and having the opportunity to do what I love on an incredible set with an amazing cast and crew [is my favorite part]. Also, getting to know John Ridley and being a part of his vision, it is truly special.


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