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An Evening at Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood

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When living in Los Angeles, you can easily get lost in the concrete jungle. High-rises and low-rises alike are all swarming around you during the endless hours of traffic. While L.A. possesses beautiful nature such as Griffith Park and our endless beaches, it can seem like they’re hours away if we’re always at the grind. Luckily, with restaurants like Pump you can feel like you’re escaping to a beautiful meal in the middle of a seclusive forest, allowing you to transport yourself to another world for even just a couple of hours.

Entering from the glimmering streets of West Hollywood and walking into Pump, you admire the elegant interior design and are greeted by the kind and attentive staff. Once seated, it feels like you’ve joined in on Tinkerbell’s Happy Hour in Pixie Hollow but only if she were a high-fashion style blogger from Los Angeles.

Pump’s menu features fresh, seasonal ingredients perfect for palettes of many interests. Whether you like steak and seafood or a vegetarian salad and pasta, this restaurant has something for everyone.



Between these evenly-layered stacks of hearty roasted beets are layers of fresh, light goat cheese. It’s topped with pistachios and micro greens, adding both crunchy and delicate textures to your bite. The acidity from the drizzle of the balsamic vinegar brightens up your palette at the end.




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