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Alyson Stoner: ‘I Am More Than the Roles I Have Been Fortunate Enough to Play’

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You might be used to seeing Alyson Stoner in the background of one of your favorite movies or playing a sibling in one of the 2000s’s most popular reboots Cheaper by the Dozen. You’ve seen her in Camp Rock as Caitlyn Geller and as Camille in the Step Up films but this woman has too much talent to be in the background. Hip-hop legend Missy Elliott noticed the talent in her at a young age when she had Alyson perform in a few of her music videos. It’s about time Hollywood follows suit.

Alyson Stoner is a vibrant, beautiful, intelligent young woman who is mature beyond her years and is always very much in the moment. We know that she dances but she’s also a great singer with a brand new single titled “Woman”. It perfectly embodies her personal growth as she’s blossomed into the woman she is today. To celebrate the release, Alyson talked to us about her past experiences working alongside of Hollywood’s favorites, why she started her own YouTube channel, and how if a storm hadn’t delayed her flight, “Woman” may have never been written.


Q&A with Alyson Stoner

Growing up, you danced alongside Missy Elliot in a few of her most popular videos. How old were you in the videos and what did you learn from being a part of those productions at such an early age?

I was 8-years-old in Missy’s “Work It” video. [Up until] age 11, I was also in the videos for “Gossip Folks” and “I’m Really Hot”. It was my first taste of the professional dance community. My family is from Ohio. We were completely unaware of the content, the syndication, and the positive controversy of having a Caucasian young girl in an African American’s music video. I learned a lot early on, in a bittersweet way, about culture, race, and identity. I was labeled early on as the little white girl even though I am the minority in my community of dancers. But to see it at a national level was enlightening. I held onto that while also the absolutely thrilling adventure of performing. I started dancing at three-years-old and to this day and I fall in love with it more and more.



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