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All You Need to Know About Fenty Beauty

Over the last decade, Rihanna has become an icon, in both the world of music and fashion. Every time she hits the red carpet, her photos are guaranteed to be plastered all over social media.

The one thing that precedes her talent and style is her beauty. Those gorgeous light eyes and that flawless skin never go amiss. Her beauty is why it’s so understandable that she shook the beauty world with the announcement of coming out with her own beauty range last year. That Instagram account has been stalked for years and we were all shook when a release date was announced! Now that the range is finally in stores and we can all get our hands on it. Let’s break down the highlights of the range and why you need them in your life starting yesterday!

The Fenty Beauty Image

Before we get into the beautiful products themselves, we should cover the whole vision behind the range. “Beauty for All” is the motto behind the brand and it really shines through all of the products. Rihanna wanted Fenty Beauty to be accessible and usable by any and all skin tones. The lack of range within existing beauty brands is a huge issue, and she wanted to make sure to cater to as many people as possible.

During all of her promotion for the brand, Rihanna has repeatedly emphasized her love for a soft matte finish to the skin. She loves her matte bases with pops of glow to achieve a flawless, yet youthful look. Every product in the range caters to creating that precise finish.

Below are our favorite products from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.

Pro Filt’r Primer


Photo Credit: Fenty Beauty

The first step to your makeup routine, this primer promises to blur out pores and imperfections. The Instant Retouch Primer is actually listed as Rihanna’s fave on the Fenty Beauty website. This is the first step to achieve that flawless matte base.

Pro Filt’r Foundation


Photo Credit: Fenty Beauty

What really blew many people away was the insane shade range of foundations that Rihanna provided with Fenty Beauty. This foundation comes in 40 shades! That’s not just crazy in general, but especially crazy for a first release. The soft matte foundation gives medium-buildable coverage that promises to be waterproof and sweatproof and extremely long-lasting! This mattifying foundation gives a velvet smooth finish that blurs imperfections.

Match Stix


Photo Credit: Fenty Beauty

Another highlight of the range is this wide range of cream stick products. Whether you want to go for a shimmer or matte version of the Stix, each option comes with a wide variety of shades. The matte Match Stix are meant to be used as concealing and contouring products while the shimmers can be used as eyeshadows or highlighters for a dewy and wet look!

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters


Photo Credit: Fenty Beauty

These highlighters also come in a variety of shade options, as well as options to order as a duo. The highlighters are a cream/powder formula that gives your skin a wet sheen. They can be used on the high points of your face or even as eyeshadows!

Invisimatte Blotting Powder


Photo Credit: Fenty Beauty

The final step to your Rihanna glam look is this gem. The blotting powder works to mattify the areas of your face that get oily; it’s also ideal to top up with throughout the day!



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