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Which Airlines Still Offer Amenities?

When they say ‘Make America Great Again’, we’re actually convinced that they’re talking about airlines. Seriously, do you remember the days when airlines would hand out amenity kits to every single person who board the plane? I remember flying Airtran in 2001 and I got an amenity kit full of toiletries. I didn’t even use them all! I remember holding onto that shave bag for the next six years, that’s how good the quality was. Something happened between then and now though, and these days it seems that when you step onto a plane you’re lucky if you get a bag of peanuts.

We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with a bag of peanuts, it’s just that it seems to be poor compensation for the time spent in the air, and you already know how expensive those tickets are. Well, we feel your pain (because we’ve been there too), and we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of airlines that still offer amenities in both coach and business class.



In our opinion, humble as it may be JetBlue actually offers some of the best amenities for standard passengers. You get one free bag checked, DirectTV, satellite radio compliments of Sirius XM, and even complimentary snacks. Additionally you can expect to get soft drinks, snooze kits, and a wide range of snacks across several different brands. It’s kind of a smorgasbord really. Honestly, if you’re looking for amenities, you’re going to want to fly Blue.


American Airlines

We set the bar a little high with JetBlue, we have to admit, but here’s American Airlines, picking up, well, not much actually. For the basic coach you’re going to get the entertainment (movies), inflight dining, and of course Wi-Fi. At the very least you can stay connected while you hurtle through the air toward your destination.

While American does seem to be lacking, it makes up for it in the business class by offering amenity kits featuring brands like 3LAB, Clark’s Botanicals, C.O. Bigelow, and Cole Haan. You’ll also get cotton pajamas, which are very helpful on long flights.



Basic economy on Delta Airlines now gives you a main cabin experience. You’ll have access to complimentary snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and even Wi-Fi. Once again, you’ll never NOT be connected while you’re in the air. Plus, you’ll have access to plenty of movies to keep you entertained during the flight.

If you choose to fly first class, you’re going to have access to even more amenities including an in-flight blanket, and ergonomically designed earbuds for first class customers.


US Airways

To be perfectly honest, we’re only including this one on the list because as of 2013, they started providing new amenities to international coach passengers. That said, this is an honorable mention simply because these amenities are only available if you’re crossing international lines.


As an international passenger you can expect to receive a complimentary glass of wine, headsets, body lotion, facial towelettes, lip balm, and a few other products to keep you happy during your trip.


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