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Adidas is Banking On Shoes Made from Ocean Trash!

Shoe giant Adidas is selling shoes made from ocean trash!

In an ongoing effort to be eco-friendly and eco-conscious, shoe manufacturer Adidas
is creating shoes partially made from ocean trash! That’s right, Adidas is collaborating with Parley, an organization that helps to protect oceans from pollution. And this is not the first time Adidas is teaming up with this charitable organization. Previously, they collaborated with Parley on an Ultra Boost women’s shoe from the Adidas Stella McCartney collection!

This new collaboration includes three new models of its flagship running shoe. They include the Ultra Boost, Ultra Boost Uncaged and the Ultra Boost X. These shoes feature a Primeknit upper that is 95% made from marine plastic debris! In fact, approximately 11 bottles of plastic were used in creating each shoe. And Adidas has plans to make at least one million more pairs by the end of the year!

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of athletic shoes, these eco-friendly, chic and stylish shoes hit the stores on May 19th. And they retail for $200 a pair!

Congratulations to Adidas and Parley for continuing the pledge to use more recycled materials in their running shoes! By doing this, they lead the way for other manufacturers to consider recycled, eco-conscious materials in their goods. By using recycled plastic, they are decreasing pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also toxic pollutants or irritants into the air! And by recycling plastic bottles, we are reducing the amount of energy it takes to create new plastic. Natural resources such as petroleum and water are also saved by recycling. In fact, 70 percent of plastics in the US are made from domestic natural gas according to the American Plastics Council. Also, plastic bottles that are thrown out can endanger animals such as birds and aquatic creatures that can die when ingesting plastic bottles or bags. And the chemicals found in plastic bottles can pollute the soil and water. All the more reason to turn plastic bottles and other plastic items into usable products!



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