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Address Chic Curating Compassion In Style: Animal-Free Fashion That Is Kind & Ethical

From starting as an ethical digital to opening a vegan online fashion and beauty store and now launching their own ethical jewelry and clothing collection FAETH, Address Chic is changing the way ethical fashion is perceived. We ask the Founders of Address Chic what led to their journey and the need for ethics in wardrobe!


Despite a huge awareness of the green and vegan movement, it’s often difficult to find products that meet your ethics and quality expectations. Sustainable brands are not always 100% animal-free and vegan brands sometimes lack the style and quality you are looking for. Luckily, Address Chic is providing a solution through their 360-degree ethical fashion platform where you can not only find information about sustainable cruelty-free lifestyle but also shop super stylish ethical and vegan fashion. They curate everything from vegan shoes and handbags to clothing, jewelry, accessories, and even beauty. Yes, such a platform does exist!


Shruti Jain Address Chic


“I’ve been a lifelong vegetarian and now vegan. I’ve never worn leather or used beauty products with animal ingredients (consciously). However, good quality vegan fashion and beauty was inaccessible for me. I had to always rely on my friends traveling from Europe to get me things”, says Shruti Jain, co-founder and Editor of Address Chic. “I couldn’t find one good platform that offered it all. If someone as passionate and determined, like me, found it difficult to source vegan products, I could understand why people weren’t making a change in their wardrobe. I felt it was necessary to create a platform to showcase to the world that style and ethics are not oxymoronic and can co-exist. There was a need to offer people a cool place to expand their veggie lifestyle choice beyond their plate.”


Address Chic is the brainchild of Shruti Jain and Ritika Jain, who met a few years through a mutual friend and immediately connected due to their common passion for cruelty-free lifestyle. After a lot of research, discussions, and travel {to meet ethical brands}, Address Chic’s digital publication was launched, which was followed by their curated vegan store. You won’t find anything with silk, wool, leather, down, or fur in the store, nor would you find anything uncool.


“Cruelty-free lifestyle is always inclusive”, adds Shruti. “You cannot be vegan and buy products that come from harming humans or the planet”. We agree! Address Chic ensures that every brand they work with follows strict ethical practices starting from sourcing to manufacturing to how they reach out to their customers. For the fashion industry to sustain and be able to make to make a positive difference, brands have to succumb to sustainable practices. How long can consumerism go on without negatively impacting the planet and how long can they exploit the people without being noticed? Consumers are more aware today and don’t shy away from spending extra bucks for buying products that come from no nasties. After all the future of fashion belongs to sustainable brands, and brands like Address Chic are ensuring that ethics meet style quotient.


To kick in the element of social entrepreneurship, the brand recently created a jewelry collection called F A E T H, an acronym for fashion + ethics, part of the proceeds of which will be donated to a charity. Their ethical jewelry line is made from pure sterling silver and has been handcrafted by artisans who were paid fair wages for their work. “Our collection shares the message of love and veganism in a subtle way. Each piece has been crafted after giving it a lot of thought as we wanted to create pieces that are timeless and can be worn every day.”


Address Chic Love V Ring



Over the years, Address Chic has created a strong readership, and their team is constantly busy answering queries related to everything from vegan fashion, vegan beauty to vegan nutrition and health. “It makes us happy when people read messages we share through our social media and try to make changes in their lifestyle. That’s our biggest achievement more than anything”, says Ritika. We asked them what is the most asked vegan item, and we weren’t surprised that most queries are about vegan handbags and vegan mascaras.


“Things have changed dramatically in last two years since we started. Social media is driving conscious consumerism and a lot of new brands have emerged in the ethical space”, says Ritika. The problem with anything gaining instant popularity is that it is also often the most misused. For many brands “ethical” and “sustainable” have become marketing pitches, and their practices do not walk the talk. For this reason, Address Chic has a very thorough process of selecting the brands they work with. They meet the brand owners, check all certifications, and even visit their location when possible. “Product testing and building relationships with the brand is at the essence of how Address Chic works”, adds Shruti.


What next for the brand? “We’re in the middle of creating our ethical clothing line that will be made entirely from ethically sourced fabrics. From organic cotton handwoven by members of a women NGO, to banana silk and bamboo, we’ve tried to bring together the best vegan and eco fabrics and design a collection where every piece has a story and message”, says Shruti.


You can check out their vegan fashion store HERE.




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