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Actress Despina Mirou Follows Her Dreams from Greece to Stardom in the U.S.!

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Despina Mirou is a well-known Greek-American actress and writer. She began her interest in the arts as a child and quickly received two writing awards. She forged ahead to complete
ten theatrical productions and then started working in films and television.
It’s amazing to see how easily she can
jump from drama to comedy; she is known to be a chameleon!

Last year, she moved to Los Angeles where she participated in a master class with Al Pacino.
She just finished seven works: a drama
with Faye Dunaway, a comedy with Renee Taylor, some parts in
a television
series, and
a performance at a NY
comedy club where she
Lucille Ball. She even made time to receive an award from U.S. Congress for her
about women.
Despina represents talent that meets the passion of her gaze. She is a combination of Mediterranean
temperament and voluptuous

Q&A with Despina Mirou

Despina, what made you decide to come to the US and pursue your dream of acting in the States?
Were there any particular challenges you had to overcome in coming to another country to follow your dream?

In Greece, things are especially difficult now! L.A. is the best place for an actor who is very interested in the film industry, and
here I have a lot of opportunities. Also,
I love the Southern California sun! The big challenge is worth the risk. I left my ongoing career
in Europe
to start from scratch! It was exciting and challenging to come to a new country without knowing anybody and without being fluent in the language.
I received my celebrity Green Card. I also went
to college to improve my English and I joined SAG.
I had plenty of work and many auditions. Also, I have met amazing people!

Who was the person or people who most influenced you to achieve your passions in life?

In my personal life, it was my twin sister, with whom I have a very deep connection. In my professional life, actors such as Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Katharine Hepburn, and Jerry Lewis have always inspired me.

You have worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest.
Who have you worked with and do you have good memories?

It has been such a pleasure to meet such special artists! They are charismatic personalities; they are talented and very generous. Al Pacino was a unique teacher in the master class. And Renee Taylor was so generous to me during the shooting of the film Tango Shalom.
I also have to include John Strasberg, John Malkovich, and Keith Richards as really positive experiences. Working with such amazing
actors has helped me to become not only a better actress but also
a better person.

You were in the film The Cat’s Meow that was an homage to the silent film era. What was it like to work with such an accomplished director as Peter Bogdonovich and comedic genius Eddie Izzard?

It was a fortunate collaboration,
and I feel very blessed because Bogdanovich is a unique director.
His imagination and knowledge leads you to achieve
the best.

Concerning Eddie Izzard, he is one of the best British actors and I worship him! A funny
thing occurred
with Eddie.
remember during our first meeting on the set, he was performing Charlie Chaplin so well {dressed and made up as Chaplin} that later the same night at dinner, when he started talking to me without his makeup, I didn’t even recognize him!



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