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Actress Candace Kita Co-Stars in “I’m F**king Fine”!

Candace Kita to appear in dark comedy “I’m F**king Fine”!

If you’ve wondered what our beauty editor, Candace Kita, has been up to lately, she’s co-starring in a dark comedy, “I’m F**king Fine” alongside “Grimm” veteran Bree Turner and “Young and the Restless” Jon Stoddard!

Directed by Jamie Anderson, this off-beat, dark comedy deals with living in the façade of society.


photo credit: Albert Ortega

When asked about this project, Candace said, “I was so happy and thankful to have been cast in this film and it was such a great experience working with a woman director! The cast and crew were brilliant and I feel like a lucky duck to have spent time with them!”


photo credit: Albert Ortega

In addition to “I’m F**king Fine”, Candace can be seen in the upcoming comedy, “Reality Queen” that is due in theaters January 25, 2019.  Here, she plays a 350-pound woman with the help of special effects prosthetics and heavy makeup.  “It took six hours just to put on the makeup and outfit, so I was the first person in the chair at 4:30am each morning.  After filming, it took 1.5 hours to take everything off!  I loved every moment of it though and it certainly gave me a different perspective to see what it is like to be 350 pounds!”


Candace says she prefers characters that are off-beat, quirky and sometimes over-the-top. She elaborated, “Whether someone is laughing at you or with you, they are still laughing. And that makes it worth it. I don’t care if people laugh at me as long as they are able to laugh at life. That is success, not money or things that money can buy.”


Watch for Candace in “I’m F**king Fine” and “Reality Queen” both coming in 2019!


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