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Actors to Watch Out for in 2019: Doug Jeffery!

Actor Doug Jeffery’s star meter is on the rise and here’s why!

You might have seen him on ABC’s hit show, “Secrets and Lies” and on “Method to Murder”. Actor Doug Jeffery has often been compared to George Clooney and Cary Grant for his suave and debonair appearance! He’s a silver fox that the ladies can’t seem to get enough of!

He’s known for playing dark characters, but he’s a softie inside!  And now many say he’s one of the hot actors to watch out for in 2019! So, let’s take a look at Doug Jeffery’s best looks off the red carpet!


On his time off from acting, Doug loves all sports including swimming, surfing, golf, hiking and running! He’s an all-around athlete who has appeared in numerous fitness magazine and covers!



He’s also a well-seasoned traveler and lists Australia, South Africa and India as some of his favorite parts of the world he’s explored! Where else would he like to go? Japan, Thailand and Russia!



When asked what his secret to success was, Doug said, “If Doug dug a little every day, Doug would have a whole dug.” Meaning, work at your goals each and everyday. By doing this, you will eventually reach all of them! Consistency is the key to success!



Doug has always been an animal lover and is known to rescue feral cats! He’s also a big fan of tortoises, frogs and even lizards!


Hard work, determination and a never-ending desire to succeed, this is what has made Doug Jeffery a success in the entertainment industry. He also knows the importance of giving back and has donated his time to charities such as The Pico Youth Foundation and The Filmmaker Film Festival that both help underprivileged youth achieve their dreams.  And this is why we simply love actor Doug Jeffery!


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