A New Vegan Cruise is Coming to Australia This Year!
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A New Vegan Cruise is Coming to Australia This Year!

A brand new vegan cruise will be sailing in late 2018!

There is a new cruise that is gaining a lot of attention. It doesn’t have to do with the size of the ship, the entertainment, or where the ship will sail. Rather, it has to do with the food. What is it? Australia’s first ever vegan cruise!

The cruise, “The Whole Connection”, will launch from Sydney, Australia in October of this year and will be travelling through the Pacific Islands for nine days!


Originally, this cruise was scheduled to depart in November of this year and only a section of the cruise would be vegan. However, organizers have now rescheduled the event so it is leaving on October 20th and the entire trip is vegan!

The five-star ship, “The Celebrity Solstice” will feature an all-vegan menu and will also offer daily programs such as workshop demonstrations, yoga, pilates, meditation, documentary nights, and other group activities!


Cruise organizer, Paige Renshaw, said, “My vision was to create an event about plant-based education for the masses, so we will be hosting documentary nights during the cruise, with plant-based education being the main focus of the films being screened.” She went on to say that she designed this cruise to “educate, inspire and empower people to achieve their best health.” Renshaw explained, “It’s the perfect self-care opportunity and a fantastic way to relax, unwind and learn how to reach optimal health, vitality and wellbeing, surrounded by like-minded people.”

adobe-stock-woman-salad-vegetables-flying-floating-anti-inflammatory-diet, What is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

Renshaw, herself, suffered previously from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She changed her diet to a plant-based one and her health changed. Now, she wants to tell others about her new lifestyle and how it changed her life. She said: “I want to inspire people to live their best lives and take total control of their health, their happiness, and their circumstances.”

So, if you are planning to take a cruise later this year, why not make it a vegan one? You wouldn’t have any problem navigating menus on board as everything is curated for your vegan diet. Incredible!



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