A Holistic Approach to Beautify Your Hair from the Inside Out
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A Holistic Approach to Beautify Your Hair from the Inside Out

As hair is one of our most precious feminine qualities, it certainly deserves a treatment to safeguard its natural beauty — to keep it vibrant and strong through the harsh winter winds and sultry summer days.

Even if your hair is healthy and gorgeous as is, creating a long-term strategy for maintaining its natural voluptuousness will only ensure that it ages like a fine wine. With the help of a few essential guidelines that are equally beneficial to your hair as well as the environment, you can create a unique, holistic plan to heal and nourish your hair inside and out.  

Ensure a versatile menu

First of all, a healthy head of hair needs a nutrient-dense diet that abounds in the building blocks of life, also known as proteins. For dedicated vegans, this means including legumes such as soybeans and chickpeas which are surprisingly high in protein, up to 22g per cup. They also have those much-needed micronutrients such as zinc, a mineral which is crucial for skin, hair, and nail health.

Walnuts and flaxseed are excellent sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for preventing hair loss, as well as dry and brittle hair. Plenty of dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach will nourish your hair with iron, another mineral that helps your hair stay healthy.

Wash and condition with care

Many brands today make sure their product range is entirely cruelty-free and contains only all-natural ingredients, thus promoting your own well-being as well as that of our beloved pale blue dot. Therefore, it’s crucial to build your beauty routine around toxin-free, eco-friendly options that will also be gentle on your scalp and locks.

For instance, with the cruelty-free natural Mandara shampoo based on nettle and sweet quince, and an organic conditioner such as coconut oil, your hair will be forever grateful, beautiful, and rich. Wash your hair no more than twice a week with tepid water and avoid using chemical-laden products that stifle its growth.

DIY masks

Take a look in your kitchen cabinet and you will be amazed at how many of those delicious ingredients can do wonders for your hair, even if you only apply them weekly or monthly. Homemade, all-natural masks will always trump the store-bought options with their nourishing, protective power.

Olive oil, argan oil, and rosemary oil are among your best hair-friendly oils that will rid you of an itchy scalp and split ends.


Stay stress-free

A truly holistic approach wouldn’t be complete without at least one or two stress-relieving methods you can use on a daily basis to cleanse your mind and boost your health. No matter what you do, you are bound to experience at least some level of stress, because frankly, your period pain alone can be frustrating as hell, even without the added work or personal problems.An exercise routine should not only be a staple of a healthy lifestyle, but it can also serve as an excellent way to get rid of pent up negative energy though healthy cardio or weightlifting. Additionally, you can create balance and encourage your inner peace by practicing daily mindful meditation, as just 10 minutes a day can have significant effects on your wellbeing.

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Sweet dreams

No amount of healthy food, water, or exercise can make up for the lost hours of beauty sleep. While you might be able to notice the dark circles first and worry about your skin health after pulling an all-nighter at work, your hair suffers equally due to a lack of quality rest.

Since not enough shuteye can cause hair loss and decreasing hair quality, make sure to create a stable, consistent sleeping schedule that will help your body restore its natural circadian rhythm. Quality sleep will reduce your stress hormone levels, improve your immune system, and protect your health, including your hair.

Hair care goes beyond washing and brushing, especially if you wish to keep your hair healthy for years to come. Protect our fragile environment and set an example for your friends and family with a healthy style worthy of admiration.

If you stick to a nutrient-dense diet, regular workouts, and an Earth-friendly beauty regime, you will do much more than just implement conscientious health habits; you will also contribute to making the world a better place one careful rinse at a time.


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