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A Cancer Survivor’s Journey Towards Health and Happiness

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She tried therapy, but says, “It was yoga that truly transformed my mental thought processes and re-established a mind/body connection. I started yoga as a form of exercise but as I returned back to the mat, I realized there was something different about this workout. There was less of a concern about “how many calories was I burning” and more focus on “how does this make me feel” and “what sensations and experiences am I having in each moment with my body.” Yoga gave her, “awareness, breath, mindfulness, and the tools to learn how to let go, gain strength, and find softness, along with a welcome dose of self-love and compassion.” These tools would soon form the foundation of how she guides students and clients to tap into and build upon their inherent physical and emotional strengths.

Sara imparts a personable and realistic attitude in her approach to wellness because of the humbling hurdles she herself has encountered. A battle with cancer, an eating

disorder, a career change, a move, and a divorce are the big life changes Sara continues to work thru as she embarks on her new path .¨ at the young age of 31.

“The move to Miami was inspired by her wanting to be closer to the ocean.” It was the right place and time to transition from her former life in Boston where she left a steady job in advertising. “Talk about scary!” she admits. “But I knew deep down that this life (in Boston) wasn’t me. I had a greater calling to connect, share, and inspire others. I thought, why not take the leap now towards a more fulfilled passion and purpose?”

The move south was initiated for both personal and professional reasons .¨ to attempt a fresh start .¨ with both work and her marriage. Her new professional path flourished, the marriage ended. “It’s been a truly amicable and supportive separation but difficult nonetheless,” she says. Letting go and self-love are two things that Sara is currently working thru as she learns to live life on her own, post divorce.



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