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90s Fashion Trends That Are Even Hotter Today

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We just love these fashion trends from the 90s!

There is a saying, “Everything old is new again.” And when it comes to 90s fashion, that is true in 2017! 90s fashion is trending now more than ever! And if you loved wearing it then, we think you’ll love it even more now! Here are some of our current favorite looks trending right for 2017!

Crop Tops

These cute tops are ideal for the season. Wear them with jean shorts, a festive floral skirt or leggings and you’ll turn heads everywhere you go!

crop tops 2017

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    Lena Lazar

    July 19, 2017 at 8:15 am

    I absolutely loved this article Candace Kita!! I love the 90’s trend being made new again. I loved so many looks from the 90’s and some of them feel like classics that may even have some staying power on the fashion scene which I love. Thank you, I truly loved this Candace!

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