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90’s Dark Lipstick is Back

You’ve heard the adage, “Everything old is new again.” And this holds true for 90’s dark lipstick that is the newest trend for upcoming fall. That’s right, brown, plum and vampy colored matte lip color has already been seen on Lorde, Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry and Beyonce!


Goth colors such as brick red, rich browns and raspberry will get you noticed this fall.  But how have these colors evolved from the 90’s? They are bolder and creamier. In the 90’s, matte lipsticks could look dry and make lips appear chapped. Today with new technology, dark matte lips appear soft and oh so kissable!


Minimal eye makeup is the perfect balance to a darker lip, so a few swipes of mascara and a neutral toned eye shadow are perfect for your new fall look! We love this retro lip color revival that will take you back to 1992!


Try Birkin Brown shade by Charlotte Tillbury 



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