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The 9 Types of Dresses Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

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Guest Post: Charlie Brown

9 Types of Must-Have Dresses

A woman’s closet and wardrobe just isn’t complete without certain types of dresses. Dresses are a wonderful expression of femininity, and you have to admit that you look and feel more beautiful in a dress. You will also realize that there are moments that best call for a dress, even when you prefer wearing jeans daily.


To complete your wardrobe, despite having several shirts and jeans, you should have the following types of dresses:


The Little Black Dress

You guessed right, and you have probably read about this elsewhere – everywhere else in fact. The emphasis put on the LBD is a result of the power associated with and the flexibility of the black dress. This dress can be worn to engagement parties, funerals, formal events, work, dates, and other social events.

It is also really easy to accessorize the black dress, and you can give it a different look at different times by adding a scarf, blazer, colored heels, purses, etc. Therefore, you should at least own one fitting black dress.


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