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7 Workout Trends for 2017

Work Out Trends

2017 is right around the corner – no really, it’s in just a few weeks and you’ve probably worked up a few resolutions; maybe more than a few. It’s hard to say what direction you want to take that in, but one thing we all have in common is a desire to get in shape, to feel better, and to really be better than we are.

That’s a tall order, and the biggest mistake that people make is setting resolutions without having a clear plan. If you’re looking to get into shape then you need to know how and we’ve compiled a list of the seven best workout trends for 2017. You can try one of these, you can try all of them, or you can try none of them. It’s totally up to you!




Oh yeah, you’ve heard of this one before, probably more than once. It’s a fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman and it’s been changing over the last few decades. Basically, this is a series of movements performed at the highest possible intensity, combining weight lifting, running, gymnastics, rowing, and a lot of other great routines. The varied movements and actions make sure that your body doesn’t have time to ‘get used’ to the actions.


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photo by Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam via Unsplash



This is a sport that needs no introduction – you’ve seen it on television, you may have even seen it in person. You might not be competing any time soon, but you know what? Boxing is a great way to work out frustration and it’s definitely something you’ll want to try in the new year. Jump into the ring and throw a few punches.


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Dance Cardio

Dance cardio is an exhausting workout followed by plenty of celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Kelly Ripa, and even Sarah Jessica Parker. If you have any doubts about whether or not it works, just take a look at their toned physiques. There are several types of dance cardio for you to choose from, some that encourage choreography, and some that just encourage you to do your own thing – however you want to do it.


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This is a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to approach all five of the basics in fitness without high impact movements. The machine is made specifically to meet the range of motion and angle that you’ve been looking for, and it uses an adjustable spring loaded resistance to allow you to customize your workout. If you want to get in shape during the coming year, a few Megaformer sessions per week are definitely going to do it.


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Pilates is very similar to Yoga but it places a greater emphasis on the body’s core. That means the abdomen, obliques, lower back, butt, thigh, and more. Pilates, for this reason, pretty much develops everything you need for your body, giving you flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, and much more. Plus, you have a much lower chance of injury than with most other exercise routines.





Hot Yoga

Here’s one that you need to try if you’re into some serious development. Hot Yoga is like regular yoga, only performed at higher temperatures. The sweating encourages significant weight loss, so if you’re interested in dropping a ton of weight by doing yoga in a sauna, you’ve come to the right place.


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