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7 Leather Alternatives that Every Vegan Will Love

Thanks to a renewed sense of global awareness about ecological alternatives more friendly to animals and the environment, several companies have started to manufacture their products with vegan leather. We are so excited that more companies have jumped on this bandwagon!

This way you can enjoy a material with all the properties of leather but free from any animal, ecological, and biodegradable harm.

Below is a list of the most innovative vegetable skins. How many of them do
you own?

1. Teak Leaf Leather

Nuvi Nomad Handbag

Several companies such as Nuvi Nomad, Elpis, and Tree Tribe, use this material to make some of their products. The result is a lightweight, durable material that’s water-resistant and antibacterial. This teak leaf material is 95% natural and free of animal cruelty.

2. MuSkin

Muskin bracelet by Ve Love

Here you have an excellent alternative option to animal skin. It is biodegradable and does not use any chemical products in its making. The best thing about this product is that the mushrooms are a very easy resource to obtain and produce, being able to create the equivalent of skin obtained from a three-year-old adult cow in just two weeks.

3. Cork

Cork purse by Matt & Nat

This precious material comes from the cork oak. The use of cork favors the conservation of these trees and their habitat. Brands such as Nike, Vans, and Chanel have already applied this material in their products, including in its soles and insoles which gives them lightness and elasticity.

4. Waxed Canvas and (Organic) Cotton

Waxed Canvas Coat by Vaute Couture

This is a material that achieves an effect very similar to the usual leather and it comes with excellent properties as it is breathable, windproof, waterproof, and washable. The fashion world has already started to utilize it in jackets, bags, and pants among other garments.

5. Recycled Rubber

Recycled Rubber Belt by Elvis & Kresse

This material takes a long time to break down, so, if you get a clothing item made from recycled rubber, you know for sure it will last forever. A lot of commercially available rubber does not even come from rubber trees anymore – it is entirely synthetic! But as always, it’s best to use or purchase items that come from recycled rubber products, such as tires and fire hoses.

6. Pineapple fiber vegetable leather

Piñatex Shoes by Bourgeois Boheme

One of the most revolutionary and popular vegetable skins, Piñatex, is made with the remains of pineapple leaves that are discarded from the harvests. Carmen Hijosa is the brain behind this powerful material. Piñatex is already being used in clothing, footwear, accessories, and interior furniture thanks to its great resistance and flexibility.

7.- Coconut Leather

A new vegan leather has been crafted using coconut leather. This material is the result of collaboration between product designer Susmith C. Suseelan, and designer and material researcher Zuzana Gombosova; the two partnered up to form a startup called Malai. The result is a product that is not only flexible and durable, but also uses waste from coconut processing plants.



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