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7 Celebrity Street Style Looks We’re Loving RN

For some inexplicable reason, we all find ourselves so intrigued to see photos of celebrities out and about. Aside from the “they’re normal people too” satisfaction we get, we’re mostly looking to see what they’re wearing when off the red carpet. Whether hitting the gym or their local supermarket, we just need to know what our favorite celebs have been rocking! We love street styles during the winter, with layers upon layers of scarves and coats; but there’s just something about summer vibes. Here are some of our favorite summer celebrity street style looks, let’s divulge our common desire to see celebrities letting their skin soak up the sun!

Candice Swanepoel


This South African beauty knows how to do summer! We love her playful combo of the playsuit with her converse sneakers, the pattern, and shape of the playsuit is giving us business on the top/party on the bottom vibes, and we’re obsessed!

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