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7 Celebrities Who Are Open About Their Mental Health

Celebs discuss their mental health issues to our benefit!

In the not too distant past, mental health issues were seen as something families hid from the public. There was a tremendous amount of shame associated with mental health problems. In fact, you could end up a pariah if anyone outside of your family discovered you were dealing with such issues. Today, perceptions on mental health are beginning to change for the better.

Now, people are beginning to understand the underlying roots of mental health issues. These can stem from traumatic events in the past, chemical imbalances, and a host of environmental, biological and physiological issues. Because of this, people are now beginning to have more understanding, empathy, and acceptance of these situations.

One of the great things celebrities have is the power to influence a large amount of people by their behavior, beliefs, and actions. And today, many celebrities who have or had struggled with mental health issues are beginning to speak out. By doing this, they are showing others that just about anyone can be struggling with their mental health. No matter your race, religion, financial situation, or sex, you can be grappling with a difficult mental situation; and dealing with it doesn’t reveal a weakness in your character. Who better to illustrate this than some of the most successful and charismatic people in the world? Celebs are becoming transparent when it comes to their mental health. Everyday people from all walks of life are thanking them for it!

So, come with us as we take a look at seven celebrities who are completely open about their mental health issues.  You just might be surprised at who’s talking!



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