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6 Wedding Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Season

Most brides want their wedding photos to stand the test of time. But knowingly, or unknowingly, the trends of the season can find their way into the d‚àö¬©cor, food, dress, and everything else in between. Fortunately, the top wedding trends this year are not only gorgeous but also timeless. Couples are finding fresh new ways to make their big days less predictable and more fun. Here are six trending wedding ideas you’ll be seeing everywhere this summer.

Comfort over Sexiness

It’s easy for brides to go overboard with their looks on their wedding days. But more and more of them are choosing comfort over conventional ideas of sexiness. Why wear painful sky-high stilettoes when you can dance the night away in a pair of comfy flats? They are toeing the line between stylish and offbeat with high-necked gowns, long flowing sleeves, sleek jumpsuits, and toppers like boleros.

Different Colored Dresses

Modern brides are breaking away from wedding traditions by choosing alternative wedding dresses. Rather than wearing stereotypical while gowns, they are opting for hues like champagne and rose. While white will always be classic, there’s something undeniably appealing about surprising guests with an unexpected color.

Capes Instead Of Veils

Capes are replacing veils as the bridal accessories of choice. A cape is perceived to be a more modern take on the traditional veil. Brides are choosing to keep them on during the ceremonies and take them off when they feel like showing off their dresses. There are even hybrid cape-veil versions that offer the best of both worlds.

Minimalist Backdrop Necklaces

Backdrop necklaces are perfect accessories for modern, minimalist brides. They are designed to draw attention to the back and shoulder blades and are as subtle as they are sexy. They make a huge statement, and there are no limits to the ways they can be styled.

Tie-Free Ensembles

Most of the attention revolves around the bride on the day of the wedding, but the groom’s attire is equally important. Comfortable, laid-back looks are in, and many grooms are opting to go tie-less on their wedding days. They want their wedding looks to reflect their personal taste and are prepared to try more unconventional styles.

Tweed Suits

When it comes to alternative wedding choices, grooms aren’t far behind. Tweed suits have made a comeback as the preferred wedding attire for modern grooms. They look sophisticated and are available in a wider range of designs and colors than regular suits. Tweed is an all-weather material making it perfect for weddings all year round.

So there you have it! Sexy can still be comfortable and we are all in for this wedding trends this year.



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