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6 Non-Traditional and Luxurious Valentine’s Day Gifts

A lingerie set is a sexy add-on, not the main gift.

How is it possible that men can be creative at work but give us such uninspired gifts? Not all of us want a box of chocolates, especially if we’re watching our figure. And we all know lingerie sets and teddies are more for them than they are for us. So what can they gift us that we’ll actually want and use? Even if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you can still use this a a guide to treat yourself or gift your friend for Galentine’s Day!

“Give” a Wild Animal

If your sweetheart is an animal lover, the symbolic species adoption from WWF is a romantic way to support the global effort to protect wild animals and their habitats. The gift comes with an adoption certificate, photo of the animal, and a matching eight-inch plush.

Adopt by clicking here.

Glamorous Hair Accessory

Even if he doesn’t get this for you, this heart hair barrette (in copper or silver) is a great way to tame your mane while also adding an accessory to your fabulous look.

Buy the barrette here.

Year-Round Self-Tanner

In the winter, it’s especially hard to get some color on your skin. The Bellini Self-Tanner set is a true breakthrough product and the only self-tanner I publicly endorse as it turns me into a beach goddess. Developed by one of the best health products and cosmetic inventors in Europe, this self-tanner comes in spray form with a matching spray-on exfoliator to give you a natural tan within 15 minutes. It’s full of anti-aging ingredients and moisturizers to keep your skin soft and smooth, and smells divine. The product just hit stores in Europe and the brand can barely keep up with orders.

Buy the self-tanner here.

Gift a Memorable Experience

If you both are less into “stuff” and more into experiences, gift each other something unforgettable like a helicopter lesson, a wine tasting cruise, or a luxury golf game. Cloud Nine Living’s Motto is “Create a memory – give an experience.”

Gift your next experience here.

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Is it Summer Already?

Lingerie sets are part two of the gift, so this is an option for part one. Summer is coming up soon and your next holiday trip will most likely be a beach vacation. You will need a bikini so all eyes can be on you. The Leather & Lace Collection by Monica Hansen Beachwear is truly genius and the brand offers up to 75% off their sexy best-sellers for Valentine’s Day!

Shop the collection here.

Give the Gift of Beauty

There’s everyday lipstick and then there’s Glamour Garden by Katarina Van Derham. Combining her experience as a makeup artist and her love for travel and glamour, she produced four versatile, gorgeous colors in one package. With this collection, you’ll have a matching color for every mood, outfit, and occasion AND you get to keep the box to store your keepsakes in for years to come.

Shop Glamour Garden here.



Look Gorgeous in Fresh, Dewy Makeup

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