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5 Ways To Make Father’s Day Memorable For Your Man

Guest Contributor: Fabiana Lizarraga Pascali

Father’s day has become more than just a day for fathers. It’s also a great time to show gratitude for the husbands that bring joy to our lives. He is a wonderful dad to your kid(s) and a great husband and partner to you and it is all about showing him you love, appreciate, and care about him. Now, you could get him sneakers, a tie, a mug, something that makes a whirring noise. The traditional father’s day stuff that speaks to utilitarian manliness. Or, you could surprise your husband with something cheeky and fun for the two of you (my vote, surprise him).


So what’s a gal to do for her guy? Here are some things you can do to show your hubby what he means to you:

1) Right before he wakes up, write a sweet (or flirty) note on the bathroom mirror with a red lipstick. Feel free to buy cheap lipstick, save the good stuff for later that day.



2) While we’re on the topic of notes, why not get yourself a new pair of panties and fold it into his wallet with a note about maybe if he’s good, he’ll get to see these on. Even better, get a writable pair of panties from so you can unleash your inner poet/artist.


3) If you’re feeling fearless, find a photographer near you to do a boudoir photo shoot. Don’t tell him. Upload them onto his phone into a discrete album (opening photo could be your pet). Text him that day, tell him to check out the cute photo of said pet you shot. Wait for the response….heh.

Katarina Van Derham VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE nude sexy naked slovak deja jordan

Photographer: Deja Jordan | Model: Katarina Van Derham

4) Want to keep it PG in case he has work that day? Make him a card from a thick art paper and in it, put a snippet of your hair with your favorite perfume on. Tell him to open it at work and daydream about you all day.


5) Now back to photos for a moment. How many photos have you shot with the love of your life with your phone? Can’t count I bet! How many of them have you printed out? Likely, none of them. Change that! Pick out a handful of the best ones and get them printed out. Giftwrap the set and leave it in his bag, briefcase or somewhere he’ll be sure to see it. Again, lightly mist the package in your perfume so he’ll feel your presence that much stronger. It’s different actually holding a memory of the two of you, rather than seeing it on a screen. He’ll be connecting with something tangible and wonderful at the same time.

With these lovely suggestions, you can show your man how much he means to you without resorting to ugly sweaters and coffee mugs. Good luck and knock him dead ladies!


About the Author:

Fabiana Lizarraga Pascali is a Latina actress, TV Host, and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience working in entertainment. Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fabiana is a blend of Italian & Basque descent. She calls Los Angeles her home. Fabiana is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian.

Fabiana’s acting credits include television shows the likes of “Escándalos VIP,” “Te amaré en silencio,” “Encrucijadas,” “Los Vegas” and “SexyHumor.” She has also appeared in a number of films like “Compromised,” “Bad Memories” and “The Last Game.”

Her better-known host credits include “Mujer Today Magazine,” “Mateando con Fabiana,” “America Now,” and “Entre Amigas.” As well as contributions to “Billboard Latino” and TV specials for “Cosmopolitan TV.” Fabiana’s most successful show was “Our Perspectives,” which aired daily across 23 Spanish-speaking countries across 3 continents.

For more information on Fabiana you can visit her website

or follow her on Instagram and Facebook



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    June 15, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    Wow, a bunch of great ideas shared right there!
    The oneoff writing a note on the panties shocked me…to put in practice righ away! I know my husband will love it.
    Looking forward for a fantastic Father’s day 😁

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