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5 Morning Yoga Poses to Set Your Intention for the Day Ahead

Yoga is a very healthy way to start your day. Not only warm up your body, but it also stimulates your brain and spirit. It’s an old discipline that started more than 3,000 years ago in India. Since then, a lot of people have been experiencing the benefits of yoga.

The basic poses are called asanas. Among the many other benefits, yoga can be the perfect way to energize your body when you wake up. There are many morning yoga poses that can be very beneficial to your mind and body. Here are some of the best morning yoga routines you can practice to feel stronger and start your morning off right.

Cat-Cow Pose

This is one of the basic poses in yoga. It is a great way to start and energize your body in the morning since it opens up your whole back and spine. In order to get the benefits of the cat-cow pose, you need to get down on all fours. When you do, point your head and stare up towards the ceiling. It is very important that your body is in the correct position. Then, you start moving your back towards the floor. When you do this you should inhale. Breathing properly is an essential part of yoga. The next move is to move the back in the opposite direction, arching just like a cat. This is when you exhale. Do this pose 5-7 times with corresponding breaths.

Morning Yoga Poses to Set Your Intention for the Day Ahead cat-cow pose

Photo Credit: popsugar

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is also among the basics of yoga and it involves the whole body. The name comes from the way that dogs love to stretch when they wake up. The first thing to do is to get on all fours, just like with the cat-cow. Move your tailbone up, towards the ceiling without bending your arms. At the same time, you have to move the knees away from the floor and keeps your legs straight. Try and move your heels as close as possible to the floor to get most of the benefits of the downward dog. The optimal time for this pose is 30 seconds.

Morning Yoga Poses to Set Your Intention for the Day Ahead downward facing dog pose

Photo Credit: Yoga Touch Method

Triangle Pose

For the triangle pose you have to be in a standing position. This asana will improve your strength, stability, and will activate your legs, torso, and core. First, place your feet a little bit more than hip-width apart. Turn your right foot facing the outside and place your right hand at the ankle. Both of your legs should be straight. The left hand should be up, facing the ceiling. If you are not feeling stable enough you can keep it at the side of your left ribs. The chest should be open and facing forward. To have better balance, point the gaze to your left thumb. Make sure you are breathing properly. Take 5 long breaths, and repeat the same pose on the other side.

Morning Yoga Poses to Set Your Intention for the Day Ahead triangle pose

Photo Credit: doyouyoga

Tree Pose

The standing tree pose will help you improve your balance and stimulate your body early in the morning. Place your legs hip-width apart. Then, transfer all of your body weight on the right foot. Your hands should be located on the hips. Next thing to do is move the sole of your left foot and place it on the calf or thigh on your right leg. By engaging your core and leg muscles you should be able to stay in a balanced position. You can place your arms right in front of the chest in a praying position, or even reach towards the ceiling. Stay in this position for five long breaths. After that, repeat it on the other leg.

Morning Yoga Poses to Set Your Intention for the Day Ahead tree pose

Photo Credit: popsugar

Child’s Pose

Another great yoga pose, especially for beginners, it is also used as a resting pose, between other positions. It will help you properly stretch your muscles, calm your mind, and reduce stress. First, start the pose in a kneeling position. Your knees should be wide apart, while the toes should be touching. Then, bring your chest closer to the floor. Your chest should be between your thighs. Make sure to take deep breaths to fully reap the benefits of this pose.

Morning Yoga Poses to Set Your Intention for the Day Ahead child's pose

Photo Credit: Kim Fisch Yoga



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