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5 Mama And Mother Nature Tricks For New Moms

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Mother’s are the most magical people in the world. Especially the queen of all Mothers, Mother Nature. Organicly, all Mother’s are gifted with tools so that they can take care of their baby and Mother Nature can take care of us. All we have to do is go back to the basics and nauture. The best gifts are those we naturally have inside of ourselves and right in our back yard. Here are some Mama tricks that will come in handy.



1. Breast milk does a body good! And it is also great for a stuffy nose or a boo boo. Squirt your breast milk directly into your little ones nose to help releive congestion. Also put it on any scratch or rash. Mother’s milk has antibodies in it that can’t be found anyhere else on earth. Believe it or not but breasts were given to woman to feed their babies. There is nothing more beautiful and right than that.

2. Cabbage leaf. Cabbage leaves have been used for centuries to pull out inflammation. They work wonders on clogged breast ducts, which is called mastitis and mastitis is not uncommon to get while you are breast feeding. Just put a whole cabbage leaf on the breast while sleeping and the cabbage magicly heals the breast overnight. This also works wonders for your little ones ear infections or tooth aches. Use the whole cabbage leaf as a compress and it will pull the inflammation out naturally.

3. Placenta. Woman birth the placenta after they birth the baby. The placenta is the life force that feeds the baby while in the womb. There are many cultures that eat the placenta to reclaim all that is lost during labor. If this sounds too intense for you then you can dry it out and get them capsulized to take in pill form. It is said that if you eat the placenta then you will never be able to tell you had a baby. There are far more vein things us woman do and that includes animal placentas in hair and face products.

4. Comfrey Leaf. Comfery leaf contains allantoin, which can also be found in the placenta and breast milk. Allantoin is a cell proliferative that makes cells grow faster so comfrey leaf is a very powerful healing herb. After labor it is common to have a vaginal tear so soak maxi pads in comfrey leaf and freeze. Place frozen pads in underwear for relief. This same concept can be used on any sore, broken bones or stitches.

5. Chamomile. Chamomile is best known in herbal teas to calm anxiety and settle upset stomachs. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect herb for Mommy and Baby. Always check with your pediatrician or natropath doctor before giving herbs to your baby but chamomile tea has been known to help with colicky babies. Chamomile oil can also be applied to babies belly for a soothing belly rub to relieve gas. New Moms can sip on chamomile tea to help relieve the stress and anxiety of being a new parent.


*Mother’s always know best.


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Jesse Golden grew up as a ballerina in her Mothers Dance studio in Chicago. She was a national dance champion and danced with prestigious companies such as the Fort Worth Ballet. When Jesse was 18 yrs. old, she moved to Miami and began modeling, booking clients like Abercrombie & Fitch in the first couple of months. This was definitely the right career choice for Jesse. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Jesse has continued a successful modeling career ever since and her career expanded to dozens of commercials, television, and film appearances. Jesse became a proud Mother in 2004 to an amazing boy she named Kaleo. She gave birth to him at home naturally with the help of Kundalini yoga. Jesse's love for yoga and passion for dance then inspired her to become a certified Hatha yoga teacher. When Jesse was 29 years old, she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through her determined spirit and acquired knowledge she has learned how to control this disease. Jesse is now sharing her story about yoga and self-healing to encourage and motivate others.

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