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5 of Our Favorite Vegan Chefs on Instagram

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First of all, there are over 35 million Instagram posts with the #vegan. We can not call being vegan a fad, or even something only hippie dippies do. It is clearly a conscious choice that millions of people around the globe have made, and very often even a lifestyle, exercising the same compassionate consideration into all aspects of our consumerism. We have rounded up some our favorite vegan chefs on Instagram – qualifications, an IG account, and a blog/ vlog with truly unique and delicious recipes.



Maya Sozer is culinary creative plant-based recipe developer and a photographer. What’s more to love? Delectable and visually appealing food?!  It is only logical that those talents would be put to good use in the authoring of “Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches.”

Once Maya’s experience as a chef met with veganism, her focus shifted towards spreading the love of plant-based cuisine as well as an all around healthy and conscience lifestyle. Her Instagram is a “must follow” if for no other reason than her incredibly beautiful shots of food art (that will likely shame you from ever taking a selfie of your meal again). You will find more reasons though, and the spelled out recipes on her blog


favorite-vegan-chefs-@thedreamyleaf profile


favorite-vegan-chefs-@thedreamyleaf veggie burger patties


favorite-vegan-chefs-@thedreamyleaf dessert cup




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