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4 Foods that Can Calm Your Anxiety

Are you stressed?

If you live in a major city, it’ll be hard to find a time when you’re not stressed. This is where yoga, pilates, and CBD oil comes in. But there are other natural ways of treating your anxiety, and it involves a healthy snack. Here are 4 foods that can calm your anxiety.


These are little but mighty nuts that are packed with vitamins B2 and E, which help strengthen the immune system. Living Intentions
offers Activated Sprouted Almonds, which have been soaked in water and salt, then dehydrated, which results in the nuts having an elevated nutrition level, less fat, and increased healthy proteins. They also have a sweeter flavor and are easier to digest.

Dark Chocolate

This superfood reduces cortisol, which causes anxiety symptoms, and improves your mood!
Hail Merry‘s Dark Chocolate Cups are the perfect way to indulge. They are a velvety rich dark chocolate ganache inside a dark chocolate cookie crust will satisfy your craving with double chocolate decadence.


Hydration helps keep your mood problems in check!
Flow alkaline spring water
is a premium brand of boxed alkaline spring waters sourced from the founder’s family-owned aquifer in Southwest Ontario. Their organic flavored alkaline water options
organic cucumber + mint
organic lemon + ginger

are a perfect healthy option on the go. The organic essences lightly flavor the water which means no sugar (something you want to avoid on an anti-anxiety diet), no juice, no calories, no preservatives, and no GMOs!


This mighty spice contains curcumin, which has been found to lessen symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Living Intentions offers Activated Superfood Popcorn in the delectable flavor, Tandoori Turmeric, or you can simply make a turmeric latte!

fight inflammation turmeric spice

Less stressed already, I bet! We hope these tips come in handy for whenever you’re next stressed.



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