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3 Ways To Do a Perfect Smokey Eye Look

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A smokey eye is always a fun way to play up your look and make you stand out from the crowd. Technically, a smokey eye means smoking out a color from the lid to the crease. While the classic smokey eye look involves dark shades such as greys and blacks, you can actually do the smokey eye with just about any color. Here are just a few of the many options you have when pursuing a smokey eye look.

The Classic Smokey Eye

This is a typical evening look and can be as dramatic as you want it to be. With lighter grays, it’s a bit more subtle. With a rich black, prepare to look like a rockstar.

Start out with a black pencil eyeliner and glide it along your upper lash line and blend it out on your lid. This will be the perfect base for your eyeshadow and make your eyeshadow become even more vibrant.

Put a small amount of black eyeshadow on a small, flat brush and pat it on your lid starting from your upper lash line.

Depending on what look you want, you can either get a softer color or stick with black for the crease. A small blending brush along the crease will blend out the black color so there will be no harsh lines.

Finally, apply the black pencil eyeliner on your bottom water line. Top your look off with two coats of mascara and you will now have a perfectly defined and dramatic look. Try it in other colors such as brown and purple!

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