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3 Unique Beauty Uses for Activated Charcoal Your Friends Don’t Know About Yet

Guest Contributor: Megan Thompson

Activated charcoal is more versatile than you might think!

Most of you are probably sick of hearing how activated charcoal can prevent a hangover, or how it can mean the difference between life and death in case of poisoning. You might have even tried the acclaimed “black” tooth whitening method, which requires you to brush your (not so) pearly whites with black grit in order to get them bright and shiny again.

But alas, this post will not be another bore. We’ve found three amazing, little-known beauty uses for activated charcoal so you can start incorporating them into your beauty routine before the word gets out!


3 Great Unique Beauty Uses for Activated Charcoal


Bust Oily Skin Problems

You can use activated charcoal to tackle oily skin without risking serious side effects from pharmaceutical products that are bought over the counter.

You can also use it in a facial cleanser or face mask to help absorb excess sebum in the skin and balance things out. A mask made with activated charcoal powder and a little aloe vera gel should be used only once a week or else you’ll end up with seriously dry skin. Note: steer clear of this idea if you already suffer from skin that’s prone to dryness.

Want to supercharge your active charcoal mask? Try this mask with Bentonite Clay and Matcha Green Tea.


Get a Ruling Hand over Your Hair

Hair that’s dirty and oily feels like it’s weighing you down. The sad part is that regular shampoo might not be able to clear up all the product build-up. While normal shampoos will tackle surface dirt, activated charcoal has the ability to pull out dirt from the deeper layers of your scalp, cleansing and clearing the way for beautiful, voluminous locks.

You can also use activated charcoal powder to tackle other scalp issues like dandruff, oily, and itchy scalp. You can do this by either mixing a little activated charcoal powder into your regular shampoo or by using it as a pre-shampoo treatment for better results.

If you feel like you just have no clue how to tackle unruly hair with the helping hand of activated charcoal, you might be inspired after reading this post by Naturally Curly.


Make Your Own Mascara (and Eyeliner)

By making your own D.I.Y mascara at home, you’ll be sure of exactly what you’re applying to your lashes and you’ll conjure up a mixture that’ll darken, separate, and condition your lashes.

All you need is coconut oil and activated charcoal. Mix those two ingredients into a small container and you’ve created a basic natural eyeliner. You can get all the details here. Or for a solution a big more durable, try this one.



And there you have it! Three unique, super easy ways in which you can benefit from using activated charcoal in your beauty routine. All you need is a little courage, some activated carbon, and a whole lot of willingness to embrace the idea of living life in a more natural way.


How are you using activated charcoal in your health or beauty routine? Feel free to share your ideas and experiences with us. We’re always looking for new ways to take natural living up a notch!


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