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25 Sexiest Ways to Rock Gradient Lips

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Our lips are the funnest and easiest way to experiment with makeup. You may be too worried to try that new smoky eye or eyeliner trend. The fear of messing up is too daunting! If you’re looking to comfortably experiment with your makeup, then lips are the way to go. Korean beauty has been widely spreading for the past couple of years. When there’s a new Korean beauty trend, it inevitably gets big over here too. Gradient lips have been big in Korea, and it’s time for us to dabble in them. We’re here to share some of our favorite looks of this trendy lip technique that’s perfect for you to play around with!

What Are Gradient Lips?

Achieving this look really is as straight forward as it sounds. Gradient lips are basically a lip technique where your lip color has an ombre/gradient effect. This can either be achieved with a darker shade outlining your lips and getting lighter the closer you get to your mouth. The more popular method in Korea is the reverse, where you blur out the edges of your lips and blend them into your foundation with the color focused right in the center of your lips.

How to Achieve Gradient Lips

Let’s start with the more Korean method of achieving the trend. You’re going to need a lip stain, the texture of a stain will make it easier for you to create a gradient as stains naturally cling to the center of your lips anyway. Apply the stain, focusing it right on the center of your lips. Then take your foundation brush or sponge and pat around the edges of your lips with remaining foundation on the tool. Lastly go in with your fingers to really tap out the edges

For a gradient lip that works with a gradient of different colors, you’ll want to start out with a lip liner and two lipsticks of different levels of one shade. Begin by patting the darkest or lightest lip shade right at the center of your lips (depending on which way you want the gradient to blend). Then take the second level shade of lippie and fill out the rest of your lips, leaving the center color alone.

Use your finger to pat the edges of the two and blend them into each other. Lastly, take your lip liner which should either be the lightest or darkest shade and line the outer edges of your lips. Then, just simply lightly smack your lips together to blend the colors into each other, and it’s that simple!

Now, let’s take a look at some of our favorite recreations of the trend to give you some inspo!


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